Putting forward and offer
Once you have viewed a property that you wish to apply for, we will need you to apply for that property. You can do this by contacting our office on 03330 150 170 and speaking to a member of our lettings team. Your offer will be taken over the phone and this conversation will last for approximately 10 minutes.

If you have a pet, we will ask you to complete a pet application form. Once we have all of the required details, your offer will be given to the landlord.

Typically, you will be advised if your application has been accepted within 24 hours (subject to contract), although it can sometimes take a little longer.

Reserving the property
Once your offer has been accepted, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable holding deposit, the equivalent to a maximum of 1 weeks rent. This is not a fee. This sum will form part of your first month’s rent when you move in. A non-refundable holding deposit is exactly that, non-refundable. This means that should you decide not to proceed with the tenancy after paying the holding deposit, the payment will be retained by us. However, should the landlord decide not to proceed, your holding deposit will be refunded to you within 14 days.

By paying the non-refundable holding deposit, you are in agreement with these terms.

Tenant Fees

Now that your holding deposit has been paid, it is now time to start referencing. Completing the application form has never been easier.

We will send you an email with a link to our referencing forms, provided by our good friends at Vouch! It is all done online, so no printing or scanning is required. The form has 8 parts and should take approximately 20 minutes (per person) to complete. Once;

Credit Check
A soft credit search to seek out any potential undisclosed CCJs, IVA, DROs, Bankruptcies or any other hidden adverse credit. If you or any other applicants subject to referencing have any concerns about this section, please speak with us before you pay your holding deposit.

Previous Address History
A check to ensure that the previous address history provided is accurate.

Landlord References
We contact each applicants’ previous landlord(s) within the last 3 years to ensure that previous tenancies were conducted to a satisfactory standard.

Employment Details & Reference
We gather employment information to check it is in keeping with the information initially provided.

A check that the applicants are able to comfortably afford to pay the rent, and that there are no anticipated changes with their ability to uphold their financial commitment in the future (i.e pay rent).

Right to Rent
A check to ensure that all applicants maintain the right to live, work and remain in the UK.

Supporting Document Check
We will check the validity of all supporting documentation, including photo ID to ensure that they are real and in-keeping with the initial application.

Landlord and Senior Manager Sign Off
Once parts 1 - 7 have been completed, the application is passed on to a Senior Manager to be signed off. The Senior Manager will check the application and then discuss the reports with the landlord. A move in date with the applicants will not be confirmed until both the Senior Manager and the landlord are in agreement to accept the application.

Prepare to Move In
Congratulations! Now that your application has officially been signed off by our Senior Management and the Landlord, it is time to start preparing to move. The move in date has now been scheduled, so you now need to start preparing the utility switch.

Gas & Electric
You now need to instruct a provider, to supply your property with Gas & Electric.

Water Bill & Council Tax
We have informed the Council and Welsh Water that a new tenancy is scheduled to commence, however you still need to contact them to set up your payments.

Contents Insurance
Accidentally made a small hole in the wall when moving furniture in? Dropped your phone and smashed your screen? Burst pipe in the middle of the night? All of these events are horrible when they happen, and we can’t do anything to immediately make these things go away. However, our insurance partners at the Alan Boswell Group can offer you Tenants’ Contents Insurance that can insure your belongings and the landlord’s internal property against accidental damage, natural disasters, and more.

We now require the outstanding balance to be paid. This will be the agreed rent and the bond (minus the holding deposit). This payment must be paid 48 hours before your scheduled move-in date. If the outstanding balance has not been settled and cleared into our account, your move in appointment may get postponed.

Some properties have certain restrictions relating to circumstances such as: sharers, smokers and applicants with pets. This isn’t because we personally have anything personal against them, it is usually down to restrictions put in place by mortgage lenders and landlord insurance policies. In the event that a landlord is in agreement to accept restrictions mentioned, an increased bond may be requested in order to protect the landlord.

Mid-term inspections
Throughout the tenancy, our friends at Mobile Inventory will be in touch to schedule a mid-term inspection. Typically these are done every 6 months, but sometimes more often.

Renewing the tenancy
A few weeks prior to your fixed term tenancy end date, we may contact you to renew the tenancy. If a new fixed term contract is set up, the terms within your existing tenancy continue on a rolling month to month basis, known as a Periodic Tenancy. There is no charge to tenants, to renew their tenancy.

Ending the tenancy
You will be required to give one month’s written notice on the rental due date to terminate your tenancy. Note - this cannot be given during the fixed term. Once we have received your written notice, we may remarket the property on the landlord’s behalf. At this point, we may also erect a ‘To Let’ board and carry out viewings on the property. We will always give you sufficient notice, and we will never enter the property without your authority. The landlord may end the tenancy by giving you 2 month’s notice, on the rental due date. There is no charge to tenants, to end their tenancy.

Please note that this document is solely to be used as a guide. Some figures can vary between different properties and are subject to change.

For specific information relating to a property, please call 03330 150 170 and ask to speak to our lettings department who will happily advise you.