DMK Residential is a South Wales based estate agents with a Passion for People and Property. 

We launched in March 2020 specifically to look after large portfolios of investment properties for landlords looking for a “hands off” and passive investment experience. We later launched our highly popular sales department, specialising the sale of investment opportunities.

After many years working in corporate estate agency DMK Residential’s Company Director, David Morgan-Kane, felt like he had the drive and passion required to launch a more efficient and proactive estate agency for his clients. 

Before launching, David interviewed 40+ landlords, with rental portfolios ranging from 1 to 40+ properties, to find out what characteristics they would like to see in an estate agency, as well as a shortlist of things they like/dislike about their current agent. He also interviewed tenants, to hear about their experience with other agents to asses what they liked, and what they would like to of seen improve. 

Armed with this feedback and on a mission to create the perfect estate agency, DMK Residential was launched and has grown from strength to strength. 

Since our launch, we now look after nearly 100 rental properties around South Wales. 

"I just felt like there weren't any agents doing absolutely everything they could to be the best at what they do, and I want to fill this gap. There are many good agents, of which I am sure are doing a decent job for their clients, but with an open mind and an innovative approach and commitment to staying true to my company’s core values, I am confident that DMK Residential will soon be regarded as the South Wales best estate agents”. - David Morgan-Kane, Director.

DMK Residential maintains a fantastic rating on both Google and Facebook based on all reviews from contractors, landlords, tenants, buyers and vendors, because we deeply care about the journey our customers take with us.

"I have always believed that people who are passionate about what they do, will always outperform those that are just there because it is a job. After hundreds of hours watching TV shows about flipping properties, home renovations and many more, I guess it was inevitable that I would end up as a Director of an estate agents”. - David Morgan-Kane, Director.

Our Core Values; 

We contact our clients with solutions, not problems, that will get the job done.

Good, will never be “good enough”, for anyone.

100% open and honest. We just do the right thing.

Passion for people and property, with all of our heart and mind.

Evolve, adapt and don’t stop moving forward.

Determined to accomplish our mission, live up to our core values and strive to deliver the exceptional.

"It is not just about the house, it is someone's home and we want to give all of our tenants the best experience possible to ensure their home, is a happy one. The combined value of properties our lettings department manages, is worth in excess of £10 million pound. For our landlords, it is not just a property, it is their investment and their future, and they are trusting us to look after it responsibly". - David Morgan-Kane, Director.